Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Choo! Choo! Train Party

1. Train Party Printable Paper Goods - greenapplepaperie at ($17.00- looks like a great deal to me!)
2. Train Cake -
3. Train Engineer Costume - ($22.95)
4. Rosette Banner Instructions -
5. Train Sign - ($8.65)
6. Train Party Inspiration -
7. Train Whistle (these things are lots of fun!) - ($1.34)
8. Train Wall Sticker Set (lots of colors to choose from!) - ($12.99)


  • Before the party, paint and decorate some cardboard boxes as a train for the guests to play in.
  • Set out wooden train sets to play with.
  • Include a train ticket in the invitation and punch the ticket when they arrive. Create tracks on the floor with tape that lead to different rooms in the house. (Idea from
  • All Aboard

    Set some chairs out in a line. Have one person as the train guard and give them a special hat to wear. Have the kids run around the garden or party room and when you blow the whistle they must all rush and sit on a carriage chair without being caught by the train guard. If they are caught they also become a train guard and thus on the next round there will be two guards truing to catch the passengers. (Idea from
  • Read The Little Engine That Could.
  • Play "follow the leader" with the children touching each other's backs as if they are train cars.
  • Pin the caboose on the train engine.

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