Sunday, June 20, 2010

Toy Story Party

Yesterday, I went to see Toy Story 3. I have been inspired. :)


For simple invitations, send guests an Action Paratrooper toy (Oriental Trading- $5.99/dozen) with party information written with a permanent marker on the plastic parachute.


Go with primary colors for your Toy Story party! It will be easier to find primary-colored party supplies at discount and dollar stores.

Dollar Tree:

  • Red tablecover
  • Blue plates, cups, silverware
  • Yellow napkins
Also use red, yellow, and blue bandanas throughout the party:
Hobby Lobby: 
Toy Story: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack 
    See if your library has a Toy Story soundtrack to play in the background.

    Make some giant toys to make guests feel like they are toy-sized! Paint and decorate cardboard boxes as a dollhouse, car, train, or bus. Build huge Legos with shoe boxes turned upside down (without the lid) and bottle caps (spray paint them after attaching the bottle caps with hot glue). Create big puzzle pieces out of poster board. (For some cool cardboard crafts, check out


      The Claw

      Galaxy Grabber Robot Claw 

      • Container
      • "Claw" (you can also use kitchen tongs)
      • Small prizes
      Fill a box or bucket with small prizes such as candy and small toys. Allow children to use a "claw" such as the Galaxy Grabber Robot Claw from Amazon (which your child can keep as a birthday gift!) to put out a prize. Use a blindfold for a greater challenge.

      Free time station

      Slinky Toy Story Slinky Dog Jr. 

      Put out toys from the movie such as Mr. Potato Head, a slinky dog, Woody, Buzz, and Jessie, a Barbie, etc. for children to play with freely. These can also double as gifts for your birthday child.

      Army Toy Hunt


      • Army action figures
      Those silly green army men have sneaked off again! It is the party guests' job to find the little green guys hidden throughout a room in the house. Allow children to keep what they find.

      Toy Story 3

      Toy Story

      Borrow from your library or rent one of the Toy Story movies for guests to watch as part of the party entertainment.

      Space Shooter Target Practice

      • Chalk
      • Water balloons
      Buzz Lightyear enthusiasts will love this cool summer game! Draw targets with chalk on a sidewalk, wall, or fence outdoors. Line up children and allow each one to have a three chances at hitting the target- with a water balloon! My brother has a summer birthday and we did variations of this game at several of his parties- always very fun!

      Lasso Lessons


      • Broom
      • Rope
      Learn how to lasso like Woody! Secure a broom in the grass outside at an angle, so that it looks like a practice lasso target. Tie a loop in a rope, then allow children to practice swinging it in the air and landing it on the "bull's" head.

      Poor Mr. Potato Head!


      • Poster board
      • Card stock
      • Scissors
      • Tape
      • Markers, crayons, or colored pencils

      This is a variation of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." Draw the shape of Mr. Potato head (without detachable parts) on a sheet of poster board. Draw holes where hat, mustache, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, arms, and legs go. Draw all detachable parts on card stock, then cut them out and put a piece of double-sided tape on the back. Blindfold each child, then instruct him or her to place the part they have been given where it belongs on the potato. Whoever gets closest to the place where their piece is supposed to go wins!


      • Jessie's Bullseyes (
      • Buzz's Galactic Goo (green jello)
      • Hamm's Cream Cheese Roll-ups (cream cheese and ham rolled up in a tortilla and secured with a toothpick)
      • Mr. Potato Head's Chips and Dip (potato chips and french onion dip)
      • Rex's Dinosaur Dirt (cups filled with Oreo cookie crumbs, chocolate pudding, and gummi dinosaur "fossils"
      • Slinky's Dachshund Dogs (hot dogs) OR puppy chow snack mix
      • Army Guys' Mess Hall Chow (this could be just about anything- burgers, mac 'n' cheese- whatever is convenient!)
      • Barbie's Dreamy Pink Punch (

      Make these fun alien cupcakes for dessert! (

        Send guests home with these fun bandana party pails (Hobby Lobby- $1.49 each) Fill with:

        Since movie-themed party favors are usually a little pricey, get creative and choose generic favors that relate to the theme instead.
        For more great ideas like Mr. Potato Head Cake Pops, check out

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