Friday, July 16, 2010

Old School Superhero Party

This is an idea I have to give my aunt credit for. Her idea is a retro/vintage superhero comic book party. How fun is that?! Well, here it goes...


Using "Autoshapes" in Microsoft Word, create an "Explosion" and put text such as "Wow!" or "Zam!" inside, then add party details below. This would be a very easy way to create a fun invitation.

You could also purchase an old comic book and scan the images into your computer, then use them as part of the invite.


  • Find old comic books at a thrift store (or in the attic) and use the pages as place mats, to decorate walls, or as part of a birthday banner. Images could also be used for invitations.
  • After Halloween, you should be able to find spider web decorations on sale- these would be perfect for a cool party decoration!
  • Cut jagged "explosion" bubbles out of posterboard and write exclamations such as "Bam!" or "Pow!" on them- hang them on the walls, or stick them in the front yard.


Comic Strip Creator

Print a copy for each child of this comic strip template I've created (click to enlarge). Provide art materials such as crayons, markers, pens, and colored pencils, and let the children express their creativity by designing their own comic strip!

Superhero Relay Race

Divide players into two equal teams and provide each team with a pile of "superhero gear" - capes, tights, masks, gloves, boots, etc.

Line up each team behind a cone, and put the team's gear at another cone several yards away. At the signal, the first person from each team will race to the other cone, put on all the superhero gear, then race back to start, and take it off. The next player will put it on, race down, take it off, then come back. This continues until each teammate has had a chance to complete the relay. Whichever team completes first wins!

Mr. Freeze Dance

This activity is a twist on the classic party game of Freeze Dance. Click here for instructions.

The Riddler Scavenger Hunt

Create a fun and simple scavenger hunt- but instead of simple clues, provide confusing riddles for the guests to decode.

Target Practice

This game is always so fun! Draw targets (or Supervillains) with chalk on an outdoor surface that can get wet (fence, sidewalk, etc). Then, let guests line up to make the targets or villains disappear with water balloon bombs! (Each guest gets three tries.)


Make your cupcakes "Pop!" "Pow!" and "Zam!" with homemade picks, made to look like the sound effect bubbles in old comic strips.

Serve your guests "Power Packs" - this could include Caprisuns, juice boxes, etc.

Bomb Pops will surely prove to be SUPER treats, especially during the hot summer months.

Serve "Lava Chips" - spicy Doritos, or nachos.

Spiderman's Spider Webs (Cotton Candy)


Make each guest their very own superhero cape using this 6 Minute Superhero Cape tutorial.

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